Worship and Songwriting Institute

Welcome to the Worship and Songwriting Institute! The Worship and Songwriting Institute is intended for the cultivation and formation of worship pastors in the church. In this institute, you will examine principles of worship alongside aspects of songwriting in order to know how to design, lead, and compose content for services of Christian worship. The institute presents you with opportunities to explore biblical, theological, historical, and practical components of worship while learning to reflect on aspects of worship through song. You do not have to be a trained musician or proficient songwriter to be part of this institute! Even for those who do not have musical aspirations, this institute will allow you to learn more about the function of song in worship. Our hope is that anyone who participates in this institute will discover new understandings and appreciations for Christian worship and enter into new depths of reflection on God’s revealed beauty and glory.

Experiential learning is central to every Institute offered through Asbury Theological Seminary.  Each module is taught by academically and experientially qualified faculty and professionals who equip you to live into your calling with Christ-like leadership in this ever-changing world. In this Institute, you will learn about:

  • Foundations of Songwriting – Writing Techniques
  • Foundations of Songwriting – Writing for Worship
  • Biblical Foundations of Worship
  • Historical Foundations of Worship
  • Liturgical Foundations of Worship

The Worship and Songwriting Institute is a 10-month institute offered in a hybrid format (combination of online and face-to-face interactions, including on-site retreats and small groups).  Upon successful completion, you will be granted a non-degree Certificate from Asbury Theological Seminary.

For more information about future cohorts of the Worship and Songwriting Institute, please contact us at institutes@asburyseminary.edu.