Certificate in Discipleship in a Digital Age

As culture is increasingly digital and the people, both inside and outside of our churches, are living in a digital culture, this certificate will address the issues and considerations that could help you and your church disciple believers in a digital culture. This certificate program will equip you with the understanding and ability required to engage with the increasingly digitized culture in fulfilling the Great Commission. You will deepen your Christian understanding of Digital Culture by developing core knowledge on how to engage the digital culture using culturally embedded technologies to make disciples.

Experiential learning is central to every certificate offered through Asbury Theological Seminary.  Each module is taught by academically and experientially qualified faculty and professionals who equip you to live into your calling with Christ-like leadership in this ever-changing world. In this certificate, you will learn about the following:

Module 1: Developing a Definitional understanding of “Digital Culture”
Module 2: Corporate Worship and Sacraments
Module 3: Christian Community
Module 4: Ministerial Strategies
Module 5: Putting it all Together

The Modules will address topics such as What is Ecclesiology; the Psychology of Digital Spaces; Digital Presence and Sacramental Life; Discipleship as Teaching and Learning; Video Games and Virtual Reality; Anonymity, Openness, and Emotional Health; Isolation and Loneliness; Where do we find our identity; and Your Church’s Value.  You will also explore a number of case studies and have the chance to explore your own personal case study with our instructors.

The next cohort of the Certificate in Discipleship in a Digital Age starts on February 19, 2024.  For more information, please contact us at cfmt@asburyseminary.edu.